Homeopathic Medicine

Why homeopathy for YOU?

1. Homeopathy is safer than conventional drugs. 
Drug related unwanted effects or side-effects are common. 
Have you experienced or heard of side-effects from conventional prescription drugs?
As a practising GP I see many patients who have experienced unwanted effects from drugs prescribed in good faith by GPs or Hospital Consultants. 

2. Homeopathic medicines have been used for 200 years. 
As a practising doctor I see many patients whose symptoms have somewhat been alleviated by conventional drugs yet the disease is still there. Examples that I have personally seen many patients with a wide range of conditions.  Homeopathy can be used alonside conventional treatment to help with many different issues. 

 The ROOT cause of disease can be either genetic or environmental or a mixture of the two. Environmental factors include (hidden) allergies, gut dysfunction (due to toxins and other factors), depletion of vitamins and nutrients, hormonal factors (and adrenaline is a stres hormone), low grade inflammation, lack of exercise (exercise is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory) as well as emotional issues. Root causes need to be considered otherwise treatments will not lead to lasting improvement. 

Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medicine. 

Dr Ralf Schmalhorst

Medically qualified and practising GP

Member of the Faculty of Homeopathy