Illness - Functional Approach

 Root causes include:

1. Genetic causes

2. Environmental causes

The environmental causes can be divided into further groups:

A. Allergies - often hidden. These can include a variety of allergens. If your body is constantly reacting then no wonder you feel tired all the time. The allergic reaction uses up energy. Coeliac disease (an allergy to gluten) for example. 

B. Gut issues - bloating, cramps, diarrhoea and constipation are symptoms of an unhealthy bowel. Bowel "Dysbiosis" refers to an unbalanced gut. Unbalanced because the balance of the healthy bacteria in the gut has been disturbed. 

C. Inflammation - this may be a low grade process in more chronic conditions, in the "background" but still uses energy and nutrients. Inflammation is the body's reaction on a specific body part level or a general level. 

C. Hormonal - let us not forget that adrenaline, the stress hormone is a hormone as well. 

D. Emotional issues - these can activate our stress hormones and put the body into an energy consumption state and drain our energies. 

E. Lack of exercise - exercise is a natural anti-inflammatory

F. Hidden infections - yeasts are common

G. Environmental toxins - in foods and drinks,  work environment, hygiene products and many more.

H. Lack of vitamins or nutrients. For example coffee reduces the absorption of vitamin C. 


These root causes can create "the perfect storm" for not feeling well. 

Unfortunately many of these causes are not always recognised in conventional medicine.