Why am I ill?

I will describe my personal holistic understanding of disease development.

My personal experience is that disease is the direct result of all the stresses on the individual person's being. Stressors can be emotional, physical, toxins and many more. Often many factors contribute - this is called multifactorial. Symptoms of disease is what the body produces in an attempt to compensate for stressors. Conventional medicine views these symptoms as the disease. A diagnostic approach then clarifies a diagnosis. 

Unfortunately conventional medicine lacks a holistic approach to the individual patient in trying to first establish the factors that contributed to the development of the disease in the first place. UNLESS these are clear and reversed the disease actually continues albeit controlled by conventional drugs. The conventional drugs frequently produce side effects and at worst are unable to control the disease. Therefore there is a continuous search for yet another disease controlling drug. 

Many patients have already been through that process many times. 

Is it not time to take a different approach?

Orthodox medical treatment often disempowers patients due to lack of knowledge and experience with the disease. Furthermore a doctor or specialist is consulted. 

Is it not time to empower patients? They are the one's with the disease. They are the one's who may need to make changes. 

Changes are necessary to overcome disease! If you carry on like you did you are not listening to your body. The disease developed because of the contributing factors therefore change is inevitable. I am confident that I can help facilitate changes and help you.